Warmer Temperatures and Pop Up Thunderstorms Remain in the Forecast

Good Monday, everyone. We are continuing with sunshine and warm humid days as we begin July. Temperatures over the next several days are going to remain in the upper 80’s to low 90’s in some areas along with that humidity. That daily afternoon chance of a shower or thunderstorms will also be in the forecast through the week. Here’s the latest hour-by-hour for the rest of the afternoon and evening…

You can see storms will be out and about, and we cannot tell you exactly where they will form. These models can kind of give us an idea, but you always have to be prepared especially during this time of the year for those random pop up showers and thunderstorms. Not everyone will see one, but those that do will experience lightning, heavy rainfall, and brief gusty winds.



Tuesday will essentially be a carbon copy of Monday with a few more cloud around, but mainly sunny with temperatures in the mid 80’s to low 90’s.

There’s the high-resoltion NAM for Tuesday. You can see showers and thunderstorms will again be out and about. Hard to pinpoint where they will exactly form, but there will be spots that get some of these. As always check back for updates or changes in the forecast.


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