1 thought on “Three Arrested Sunday Evening

  1. Well if you consider spilled sugar on my floor that they swept up as if it were meth, and the marijuana that belonged to a room mate in her locked room ,left it for her even, never took it, the k9 they brought in that guy was embarrassed because there was nothing here for his dog to hit on. I’m just in aww that the law can bust your windows out and tear up your property for what, a dealer would have had a lot of drug if that’s what I had been doing. When the lab comes back as sugar I’ll be so glad for the people to see that it wasn’t what they were making it look like. I’m embarrassed but a citizen is entitled to have company over and running a construction company starting up we have people in and out of our home, lawn workers, labor workers, family, so condemn those of us with company ,just wow!!

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