Trading Post Items- Thursday

  1. For Sale: Set of five alumnimum wheels for TJ or YJ Jeep with five Goodyear tires and includes the spare tire cover 270-585-1381
  2. For Sale: TV stand, solid oak coffee table, two black leather western style jackets 270-634-3223
  3. For Sale: Fire wood $50 for deliver, $40 if you come get it 270-585-1262
  4. Looking For: Radiator for 1990 Chevy 1500 K-series 4WD and have a kitchen hutch for sale 270-585-3549
  5. For Sale: Fire wood will deliver for $50 and it is more than a rick 270-507-6357
  6. For Sale: Four-wheel drive Ford Ranger 270-585-6886
  7. For Sale: Kenmore washer 270-378-5164
  8. For Sale: 2006 Dodge Ram limited edition, needs engine repair, stereo audio amp system, two Remington tires, rabbit cage 270-585-6159
  9. For Sale: Mud grip tires, and four 15 in tires mounted on wheels, looking for someone to look at well 270-507-8798
  10. For Sale: Fire wood 270-250-5632
  11. Missing Dog; Yorkie missing from 910/80 toward Casey County it is gold and silver in color, reward of $600 being offered 270-585-6631
  12. For Sale: Four wheelers, plumbing and electrical supplies, yard sale items, air compressors 270-585-8150
  13. Looking For: Clip for AR 15 270-866-0405
  14. For Sale: 1995 Dodge Dakota $800, 1993 Ford King Cab $1500 270-585-6395
  15. For Sale: Hay rack $35, cage for chickens $12 270-566-2526
  16. For Sale: Three baby bill goats 270-634-0340
  17. For Sale: 2006 Trailblazer 4WD, Ponitac Grand Prix will sale or trade the vehicle and have a mini fridge 270-566-4978
  18. Looking For: 65in flat screen tv 606-706-9559

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