Suspect Still At Large Following Carjacking

One suspect remains at large following a carjacking and subsequent police chase Wednesday night in Russell Springs which resulted in shots reportedly being fired by one of the suspects.

As WJRS NEWS first reported yesterday morning, three persons reportedly carjacked a vehicle belonging to Davontae Taylor of Russell Springs as Taylor entered the Marathon station on west highway 80 shortly before 8 p.m.

A chase of the vehicle ensured down Old Sano Road by Russell Springs Police Officer Dustin Bunch. Two persons were subsequently arrested, while a third escaped from the vehicle and remains at large. The two persons arrested late Wednesday were charged with theft of an automobile, fleeing and evading police, promoting contraband, and possession of methamphetamine. The two persons arrested were from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
However, in a move that has upset many, both suspects were released from custody around 7 o’clock Thursday morning simply by signing their name. The decision on the least restrictive bond possible was apparently made by a pretrial release officer. The sudden release of the two out of state suspects, following serious charges and involving the shooting of a firearm while police officers were in pursuit, has raised the ire of local officials.

WJRS NEWS talked last night with Russell Springs Police Chief Joe Michael Irvin who said he did not understand the release from custody of the two arrested simply by signing their names. Irvin said he was investigating the reason for such a release, or why it happened, and he was being assisted by County Attorney Kevin Shearer and Jailer Bobby Dunbar.

WJRS NEWS will continue to monitor this situation as further developments occur.

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